More about child custody and support


CHILD SUPPORTIssues involving children like custody and support can be some of the most
important components in a divorce. If both the parents can work things out together amicably, it can be good for the kids. If a couple can work together to do the best for their children, the children are benifitted a lot.

One should know how child support is calculated, how judges decide about parenting issues. The basics of the divorce process cannot be separated from the process to enforce custody and support orders. One has to learn how the provisions regarding child custody and support are enforced and circumstances when such granted orders can be changed.

When a court intervenes in issues involving child custody?

If a couple fails to draw up custody plan and take decisions regarding child support, they can move before a court and ask a judge to help them in arriving at a decision.

If a couple goes for negotiation and mediation, it can lower down their legal costs, make the transition for kids easier, and improve future dealings with such issues.

Some Basics of granting Child Support:

When a couple gets divorced or separated, the court may order the parent, with whom the child does not stay, to pay out of his or her income towards child support. Even when neither parent has custody of a child, the court may order them to pay child support to the person who has the physical custody of their child.

Irrespective of any situation, it is the legal right of children to get to child support for his or her proper development and upbringing, regardless of who is a making child support payment.

Are children born to unmarried parents entitled to get child support?

Even for children who are born to unmarried parents, child support is an important issue. They also can rightfully claim child support from either of their parents who do not reside with them.

Points to be considered by courts while awarding child support and custody:

Child support and custody orders are granted by the family court including the amount of the support. There are guidelines determining the amount of support to be paid, mainly based on the income of the parent who has to pay and the number of children. The court also considers other factors, like the other parent’s income and the requirements of the children.

While granting custody orders, a court primarily takes into account the welfare of the child. Courts give a preference to the parent who was a child’s primary caretaker during the continuation of the marriage.  In custody cases, it is an important factor as courts give importance to the emotional bond between a child and his or her primary caretaker.