Why women are happier than men after divorce?

Why women are happier than men after divorce

Why women are happier than men after divorceThe institution of marriage has changed drastically in the recent times. It is no longer the path to happiness and contentment. It has rather become a burden for many. The percentage of divorce has gained momentum and a few hesitate before doing so. With the western culture and an oxymoron system it has really become both a blessing and a taboo. Where many fear the very term itself others have become too bold and go for it without much thought.

After effects based on gender

Studies have revealed that in general a woman is much happier than a man after a divorce. A woman, who undergoes several changes in her life, enjoys the little freedom that comes with the divorce. Though the amount of burden may cover the freedom achieved but the slight smile tells a lot. The confidence of women in this case is quite low but after the success of the case boosts up exponentially. The effects have turned out to be positive for most women.

Certain explanations

Certain explanations have been provided as a reason of divorce as well as the after effects observed. Since the effect has been prominently observed in women, it is better to judge from their perspective.


Generally after divorce women are freed of many forceful responsibilities. Thus she gets more time to focus on herself and researches show that women on an average do not get distracted rather they become more constructive.


Women generally become emotionally stronger and mature after suffering from a divorce. She takes her own time to rediscover herself. She becomes more independent and most have turned their attention to their passion and carrier.

Negative impact and spark of freedom

Sometimes divorce may have a negative effect on women in terms of finance, but still the little sunlight that peeps in enlightens them. The reason for this reaction may the end of the long suffering that she has undergone. Most of the women have declared that the years of happiness after the marriage cannot be compared to the ones that come after divorce.

The rays of hope

The hope of having a good life always prevails and thus, women often take divorce as a leading step towards the same hope. The probability of marrying again is quite less. The women rather prefer to stay free and enjoy their liberty.

Courage and confidence

Women who were bearing for many years and who were afraid to walk out this have gathered some courage. However on an average it has been observed that after divorce half of the women have actually started living a better life. The concept of insult and inferiority has changed and thus there is nothing to be afraid of.

It is better to give space to your partner and depart peacefully if things don’t turn out as expected. An unsuccessful relation is just like any other exam, thus a divorce can be compared to a renewed leap.