A glimpse of do’s and don’ts of Divorce

Preparing for Divorce
Preparing for Divorce

Marriage is a union which brings two people together making them soul mates; divorce is a demon which separates them. It turns the two soul mates into strangers and leaves them with a feeling as if they never knew each other.

There is no definite course of action one needs to follow as every “divorce case” would be different from one another.

Yet, there are some dos and a few don’ts which would probably reduce the bitterns in mouth.

The Do’s of the Divorce

Consult an Attorney

Moving to the Attorney is the first thing one should do to understand the further course of action.

Consult a Counselor

It is very important that you discuss your heart and mind with an expert who need not be a professional but should be a good counselor. This would save your from understanding things from a “third person’s view” and guide you correctly.

List down the assets

Both of you must have built up some assets together, so make a list of all that you both possess, which is common. This will be needed during the legal proceedings.

Prepare your resume

Take out your old resume, if you have not been working all these years. Or else make a new one and start applying afresh.

Improve your credit score

Make it a point to improve your credit score by paying all the bills and clearing all the debts. This would help you in getting a loan if you intend to take one after getting divorced.

The Don’ts of Divorce

  • Don’t give a shock to your spouse about the decision of leaving him or her all on a sudden. After, the other entire person also needs some time to gather him or herself.
  • Don’t lend any money to your spouse or buy possession together, because your money might get stuck.
  • Don’t abandon the house suddenly, especially if you have children, make sure that you have prepared them well mentally and then you move out.
  • Don’t start the process without consulting a lawyer or an Attorney.
  • Don’t cheat your spouse; after all you have spent a chunk of your life with the same person who is not liked by you anymore.

Divorce will always leave a sour taste in the heart, yet with efforts one can think of reducing this sourness as far as possible.