After Break Up Why Do Men Move On Quicker Than Women Do?

After Break Up: Why Do Men Move On Quicker Than Women Do?

After Break Up: Why Do Men Move On Quicker Than Women Do?

According to John Turner, a professor in from Indianapolis, he had no problem after breaking up and jump ahead in the life with a new relationship after they split up. He said that he knows that he was over with it and had to move ahead, as he dated many females. Men moves on quickly after breakup and in the same way he gets over it.  He gestured that men do not only move ahead but gets the finest thing as well. Men are expected to stay strong  get on their social life and essentially find a new girl as quickly as possible. It is allowed by the

society to go out and move towards women right after a breakup, since he is a guy, and asking out women is what most guys do. Most guys usually go with this flow, follow their friends’ suggestion and get right back to their life.

Meanwhile one divorce blogger offered insight why do so many people fall into rebound relationships.

According to him, men will have a new woman just a couple of minutes after the breakup and anybody who is getting divorced must be prepared for that. He added that you must be ready to digest the fact and ready to see your ex with a new girlfriend just a few minutes after the breakup.

After Break Up: Why Do Men Move On Quicker Than Women Do?

This is because men fix his anxiety, depression, stress and everything with a woman, on the other hand woman fix either with more hard work in the office, to look after her children or by consulting a physician.

Another reason is that men have a wide network of friends to latch up them up as compared to women.

After the breakup women feel that they need to recover and feel strong by knowing that they can get on their own to know their own to show that they do not need a man. They need to be emotionally prepared to get back into their life. However, after breakup men do not feel any need to do this and can jump into another relationship, not because they got over it but they do not need to prove they can be alone.