An unending story of celebrity couples’ split

Celebrity split
Celebrity split
Celebrity split

Celebrities decide upon breaking up their relationship much before one could guess, in fact, to many it would come as a surprise. You might have read about their presence in one of the parties recently, and today you get to hear that they are not there together.

It might look unreal, impractical, amazing but it is actually true.

A few cases of celebrity split coming as a surprise:

  • It was only a couple of months back when Kris and Bruce Jenner dissolved their 22 years long marriage. They informed the world that they were living separately and they found themselves to be quite happy that way. However, they also informed that he’ll keep loving and respecting each other even if they are separated. They prefer being best friends. Before making this decision they did speak to their children.
  • Supermodel Miranda Kerr and actor Orlando Bloom first got separated and then announced about their split only in the month of November. The couple remained separated for more than five years and finally now they have got into a split.
  • Justin Beiber and Selena Gomez have ben displaying a picture which is not too clear to the world, sometimes the lady says she has gone through a lot in the past and sometimes they are found holding each other’s hand filled with love.
  • Hrithik Roshan and Suzanne Khan, supposed to be one of the hottest Bollywood couple broke the news of their beak up. They were in the marital bond for 13 long years and now they are wide apart.

Various ways of splitting

Every celebrity couple mentioned above have their own reason to dissolve the marriage, and the style is different as well. For some you would hear that they went for a holiday and one of them came out early. For some you would hear that they were together in a social function and suddenly the next day they are not in the relationship any more. Even for Hrithik and Suzanne also the bond was cooling off and people around them were speculating a break up, but there were denials from the family. One fine day, the news was shared with the world.

Common reasons for breaking up

There could be reason like one of the them getting attracted for a co-star, or one of them getting too successful than the other and hence the other partner suffering from the feeling of left out.

There could be a reason like too busy schedule of one of them leading to non-availability to the other and hence forcing the relationship to fall apart.

Celebrity world has its own style of functioning. There is always a story to every split and union, and most of them are interesting. Sometimes, the break ups come after a dirty series and sometimes it is just broken to the world by surprising everyone around. No matter what the style is, it always is a mystery for the world and there is no option but to read the same on the site or in a newspaper or to watch the same on TV screen.