Are baby girls a cause of divorce?

Girl child and high divorce rates

19th August: Is there any truth in the views that parents whose first child is a baby girl are more likely to divorce than other parents?

Well, the findings of a recent study seem to affirm this saying.

So, if you want to shield your marriage against divorce, then you must have a boy as your first-child.

Divorce likely in parents of first-born girls—The study states clearly that parents of first-born girls have a high probability of divorce. And in case of marriages where the first child is a baby boy, the chances of a divorce are quite less. In such a case, the probability of a husband walking out of marriage is very less as the couple is likely to stay together.

Girl  child and high divorce rates
Girl child and high divorce rates

Parents whose first child is a son are quite less likely to experience the requirement of another child than in case where the first-child is a girl, the study shows.

Parents of boys more likely to stay with their children–This has been revealed by the recent study undertaken by an economist at the University of California, Berkeley, Enrico Moretti. The study maintains that fathers having sons are more likely to be living with their kids than if they have girls as their kids.

As per the details, the probability of fathers living with their daughters is nearly 3.1 lesser than that of a father living with his son/sons. The research based on the US census data states that nearly 50 thousand girls who were first-born are living without their fathers. At least this is what the estimates for the 10 year period show.

Less chances of marriage if parents have first girl-child—Another fact brought forth by the same research is that not only the parents of a first-born girl child have a higher probability of getting divorced but even parents having a girl as their first-child are less likely to tie the knot(in case the parents are not already married).

The study findings show that chances of marriage are also low in case the parents get to know that the gender of their future child will be a girl than in case when the gender of the child to be born is known to be a boy.

Reduction in family income in divorced parents–Fathers(seeking divorce) have a low chance of seeking custody of their girl-child as compared to their sons. And family income gets affected by nearly 50 percent in case of children living in families without their father(where first-child is a daughter).