Ben and Jen’s split up breaks many other hearts


Celebrity couples are those who we have always been fantasizing about. Need we talk about Hollywood? Among the favorites, Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck were one, with perfect compatibility. What started off as friendship in their first meeting during the shoot of Pearl harbor, then developed into love when they were co-stars for Daredevils, a comic-turned movie. It was 10 years of togetherness.

Ben and Jen split up

Life after marriage

It was probably during the shoot of Daredevils, when Jennifer first fell in love with Ben. They were sure a crazy couple, madly in love for about 10 years since their marriage, with 3 kids now. Marriage totally changes one’s lifestyles and increases the understanding between the two. This also paves way for family bonding, where they get into close relations and understanding with each other’s families. Everything seemed to be going happy with their 3 children, until the rise of rifts in their interpersonal relationship, causing relationship issues between the two.

Split after 10 years of successful marriage

Every marriage is a fairy tale, until there is a twist in the tale, changing the entire path. Having been married for 10 years, the couple decided to go for a divorce, the next day after their 10th anniversary. Although things were not going well with each other, the couple decided to settle the issue amicably by breaking the marriage, but in good terms.

The main reason that was stated by Ben was that, ever since the wedding, Ben has never been given time to carry forward his social life with friends and acquaintances, but had to be devoting all his time to Jen and the children. Staying away from social life was surely not what Ben wanted. And on the other hand, Jen too had been trying really hard to keep the relationship going, but it really never worked out. To get a solution, they had even gone for relationship counselling, but it never seemed to be convincing, which led them to finally split up.

Divorce and life thereafter

One surprising thing here is that, even post-divorce, the couple had been in a live-in relationship, although they parted ways later on. Both of them seem to be attached to their children, which is the reason they chose to stay together for a while. They were gone spotted on a vacation trip to Bahamas with their children. The vacation still proved to be an example of how rebuilding trust or love, once it is gone, is not possible.

The split up remains a heart break for all the fans.