Can there be a creative alternative to legal divorce?

Alternative to divorce
Alternative to divorce

With the rising differences between you and your spouse the ultimate thing which comes to your mind is about divorcing him or her? Of course this comes only after lot resentment, pain and at the last stage when you have no hopes of reviving the relationship.

The process of divorce is time taking, expensive and full of melancholy. Even if you’re parting ways from a person with whom you don’t want to stay, yet you are parting ways. Is it not so?

Do u think there can be alternatives to this mental agony? Yes there can be. You can think of creative ways to uproot the existing problem between both of you and sowing love and passion for a revived relationship which will be deep rooted. Some of the creative things you can try out would be

Walk through the old memory lanes

Remember the days when both of you were dating. Try and make the same efforts which were not too big in size but quite big in effect. Yes, while returning back you can carry some flowers for your spouse making him feel as important as he or she used to be in the initial days. Write loving mails and send cards by post so that there is a sweet smile on your beloved’s face. Do such things which you’re sure that would be touching for your partner.

Organize surprises

Surprise your loved one in whatever way you can. Buy gifts, plan holiday, plan apart and do everything which will keep him guessing and surprise him at the same time.

Consult an expert

You can always consult an expert who can mould you psychologically in a positive direction about your existing relationship. In fact you can take your spouse too so that both of you can be counseled together and separately as well to save the relationship.


You can meditate to remove the negativity within you. Everyone makes mistakes so has your partner, if at all he has or she has, forgiving is the best policy. Meditation increases your self-control and capacity to forgive and accommodate others. Hence mediate so that your married life can be saved. In case you decide to separate also, meditation will help you to take the process with peace and think about ways of dividing the asset and looking after children.

Breaking up and going through the litigation of divorce is rather difficult than making efforts to revive your relationship. Hence make all possible efforts by being creative and construct instead of destructing. Yet, if it does not seem to be working out then you can always do it peacefully rather than making it sour.