Caught in a bad marriage? Ashamed of dissolving the marriage?

Dissolve a bad marriage

When you are caught in a bad marriage, you may feel ashamed of coming out of it. You may blame yourself for the marriage not working out well. You may feel guilty of the entire happening and may not feel confident about your decision of coming out of the marriage.

Dissolve a bad marriage
Dissolve a bad marriage

A bad marriage

A bad marriage is a union between two people when one is being oppressed and the other dominates to the extent that he or she doesn’t even realize that the other person is a human being. Things turn out to be bad to the extent that one may feel suffocated every minute and lose all his or her sanity. There is a complete emotional and mental black out where from nothing seems to be fairer or brighter.

Contemplating with the idea of getting divorced

In spite of being in a marriage on “ventilator” one talks to oneself about being in it or coming out of it. In fact, leaving or dissolving a relationship is not that easy.

Whenever one gathers the courage to say “no” to this kind of marriage, there are many practical issues that one is surrounded with. This could be about children, about living later in life, whether or not one is making a right decision or is it a hasty decision.

Fear of perception

The biggest fear that works in these cases is the “fear of perception”. Most of the times people are concerned about others as to how they would perceive the entire happening. And this comprises the close knit people who make a difference in life.

Strong support for coming out of it

If you are caught in any such relationship then first effort would be resolve the issues and make it work. If, one doesn’t find things to be setting right, then one must take the decision of moving ahead. If you don’t then one fine day you may lose yourself amid the entangles of inured relationship.

If you are confident about yourself, then make sure you go ahead with your decision. You can make others happy only if you are happy and content.

Say No to Bad Marriage
Say No to Bad Marriage

Prepare yourself

Prepare yourself to face the small challenges that may come initially. This could be in finding a job if you have not been working. This could be in terms of raising children alone. And it could mean facing friends and relatives of your spouse and yours too. But, for all this you need to feel confident and have an answer so that nothing can make you feel small or guilty about your decision.

Remaining tied in a knot that suffocates you every moment should be the last thing one should prefer for. Dissolving right when a problem arises is not a smart step but, coming out of it after trying to bring things on track is a wise decision. You should feel confident about your decision without bothering much about the world.