Caught in a painful relationship? To be in it or to dissolve it?

Choked in a painful relationship
Choked in a painful relationship
Choked in a painful relationship

When you are caught in a relationship which is more of pains than comfort, then it could be really difficult for you to come out of it. This trouble gets doubled up if, you have an association which is new and you feel comfortable being with the person.

The pains you may get from your relationship

Whenever you meet your girl fiend, all she does is to complaint. You may have actually forgotten the last time when you had a smile on your face seeing and being with her. Every time you encounter her, you are drenched in fear of getting belittled. You always live in in the “danger zone” of being questioned for every act of yours and you may have been asked to prove your love time and again. This is largely because the person has no respect for you and is not attached anymore.

In spite, of so much of discomfort you are not able to come out of it because there is something that holds you back.

A new relationship

There could be this girl who is quite friendly with you and makes you feel happy whenever she is around. You are thrilled to meet her, and you enjoy her company to core. You feel like going to her again and again and somewhere in the corner of your heart you know it well that given a chance you would not mind beginning a new relationship with her.

Something that holds you back

You might live under the rude of commitment you have made to your existing relationship. You are scared of hurting someone and also would not be happy to hear that you have been disloyal to your girlfriend.

Analyse and then take a decision

You can always analyse and make a decision of either being in the old relationship and living a miserable life or else you can always gather courage to put things across. Once you start doing so, your confidence will keep going up and you would also be venting out your deep buried pain and anger. You need not be sweet and diplomatic rather there is no harm being straight, because it is going to impact the quality of life you would be living with this person. And a life is certainly not about a day or a month, it is the whole of period from now till death.

If you are caught in a relationship which starts making you feel suffocated, then evaluate the conditions and if you come across somebody who is sensible, caring, loving and imparts enough respect to you then there is no harm in switching over. This would certainly not be observed as being unfaithful; rather you have every right to live a happy life. Choose the path that gives you freedom from someone who never cared for you and kept on adding to your misery. Come out of such a relationship before you choke out of suffocation.