Celebrating Divorce like Other Occasions


celebate divorceApart from death, there is really nothing more painful than a divorce or a break up.  Before a marriage comes to an end by a decree of the court resulting in a stage where the relation does not subsist anymore, both partners have traversed a path that should have led to a long sharing together. It involves children, mutual trust, loyalty and love. But is it always so?

All divorces are not accompanied by shedding of tears and a deep feeling of sorrow after the break up is finalized.

When divorce becomes an issue to celebrate:

For some people, a final decree of divorce comes after long period of fighting it out with their partner in court. The end of the divorce process becomes an issue to celebrate.

For some people going through a divorce is the toughest part of their life, they look forward for the end of the process.

Divorce as an event:

From birth till death, we get engaged in major events of our life with many rituals and ceremonies. Birthdays, weddings, etc. are some of the celebrations of our life. There are funerals, the final ceremony to celebrate of a life.

A divorce means the death of a marriage. But people do not acknowledge a divorce with any particular ceremony. But is there anything wrong in it? A divorce is an equally important event as a marriage but mostly it just happens without any kind of celebration.

Celebrating divorce can be as normal as any other issue of celebration. The most important thing is to acknowledge a divorce like just like any other event of our life. Whatever kind of celebration one will choose, the experience will be something unique. It will help you to bury the past and move on to the future.

Modes of celebration:

First you have to decide what kind of celebration you wish to have. There can be many possibilities. You can go for a cocktail party or have dinner at a restaurant.
Do you want to include other people in your divorce celebration? You can prepare a guest list. You can ask your friends and relatives to join you.

Once you have decided the number of people and the kind of celebration, figure out the details and the date and the venue where it will be held. Send out invitations. Decide on food and drink. You can also place your wedding ring in the Wedding Ring Coffin.

Divorce is not the end:

As you celebrate divorce, do not forget that it is not the end of your life.  You are also beginning a new part of your life. So celebrate the occasion. Forget the past and march towards a new tomorrow.