Celebrity break-ups awaited in the year 2013

Celebrity Break Up
Celebrity Break Up

Year 2012, was quite a rocking one with series of “dissolution” taking place in the “Celebrity world”. There have been break ups in “Live-in” relationships; there have been divorces, some quietly, some with a lot of hue and cry. But, the year has experienced quite a lot many relationships falling apart.

Year 2013, doesn’t seem to be any different from the previous years. Only a few days have gone by and the “break ups” are knocking at the door of many celebrities.

The media has already started catching news from various sources about many of the celebrities planning to dissolve their old unions.

Some of the prominent likely break ups are mentioned below:

  • Britney Spears and Jason Trawick: Britney Spears, the X factor judge though has been walking down the aisle along with her Fiancé but, their relationship is heard of “rocking”. Spears, which has the record of two previous failed marriages is likely to come out of this relationship as well.
  • Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom: The marital union of the couple has been going on for the last three years but the marriage has been giving the news of being rocked. Kardashian has been trying to struggle with the issue of “fertility” whereas Odom has been concerned about career issues. Hence, the two struggles put together, the couple has seen a strained a relationship. Sources inform that the couple is on the way of another expensive divorce.
  • John Mayer and Katy Perry: Mayer is known for not having a prolonged relationship in the past. The couple certainly had gone for a holiday, but, they are likely to split ways. Amid many speculations it is hard to decide the date of their break up but very few would deny that their split is round the corner.
  • Kris and Bruce Jenner: The 21 year association of the couple could come to an end very soon as some of the sources report.
  • George Clooney and Stacey Kiebler: The couple has been experiencing a rocking relationship since the last few months though, the relationship is tied through a very thin know which is likely to break up any moment from now.

Celebrity break-ups have rarely been a matter of surprise for many, yet, the sources keep waiting for the new style of split taking place.