Choosing between Legal separation and Divorce

Legal separation and Divorce
Legal separation and Divorce

Divorce brings an end to a marriage whereas Legal separation keeps the two partners tied to the knot, ye, allowing them to live separately.

Both of them are legal steps one takes, when one is not sure of the marriage and their willingness to be with the same partner.

However, both have their own advantages and disadvantages when analyzed critically. There are experts who always recommend a couple to go for legal separation when the problem arises between couples.

Advantages of Legal separation

The knot continues

There could be a time in your relationship when you don’t want to live with your partner under the same roof. You can sense that if you contuse to live together, things might get rotten and you may have to lose the person completely. So, the advisable thing would be to go for a legal separation which will allow you to stay separately yet be tied to the marital knot.

You can look after your children

The parenting responsibility can be met out in a better way than you could have after divorcing your spouse. Children also feel confident that their parents have not been separated completely and they still hold a hope that things will work out for good. They hope that they will again start living with their parents together.

You can revive your knot

While you are separate from your spouse, you understand well whether you miss him or her or not. You will realize the good things in your partner and you will also introspect your own mistakes. Having done that, you may want to get back to your partner and this time when you return you will have more love for him or her because now you know your loved ones place in your life.

Why is Legal separation preferred over divorce?

Divorce puts an end to a marital relationship completely, whereas legal separation still binds two people legally and emotionally too.

Divorce raises hard issues like, alimony, child support, child custody and many such issues which are difficult to find a solution for. However, legal separation gives you time to introspect, allows both the partners to parent their child or children the way they did before.

Life has many difficult decisions to make, divorcing and dissolving a marriage should be the last option for any marriage. Relationships are made for the whole life and legal separation provides liberty of re-thinking before making any harsh decision.