Consequences of a Break up


Breaking up is quite common now-a-days. When a couple separates from one another there are some impacts on the family members as well as on themselves. There are advantages as well as disadvantages of a break up.

Beneficial aspects of a break up:
1. No household tension: The greatest benefit of a divorce is that there is no more any household tension around.
2. Partners back to their normal lives: After a break up the spouses are free to lead their normal life again. They do not need to tolerate their husband or wife anymore.
3. Sense of freedom: Another benefit of a divorce is that the spouses are free to do anything they wish. There is no binding to stop them from working according to their own wishes. They can go wherever they want.

Negative aspects of a break up:
1. Kids suffer a lot: Consequences of a break up of spouses having a child is far more complicated. When a couple separates the kids born out of the relation are the worst sufferers. A break up affects the child to a great extent. At times they are compelled to choose either of the parents. That makes them detach from the other. The participation of the other parent in their lives gets diminished. Coping with splitting up is more difficult for the children than for the partners. They suffer financially, as well as emotionally. Their education is also hampered in the process.
2. Children become insecure: The instability and insecurity of the kids increase as their parents split up. It is often seen that the child’s requirements are not taken into account. They are being neglected .They have a horrible time when their parents are busy in the legal battles. They try to remember the time when their parents used to stay together.
3. Legal battles for the custody of children: When a couple separates the parents fight for the custody of children. This causes emotional stress for the children as well as their parents. The children are deprived from getting the custody of the parent who loses the legal battle for the custody of children.
4. Long drawn legal procedure: Legal battles for divorce sometimes cause psychological effects on the minds of the spouses as well as their family members including children.