Considerations to be made before divorcing your spouse

Considerations before divorce
Considerations before divorce

Getting divorce is always the last thing one thinks of, but, there are circumstances which force a person to make such a decision in life.

However, there are certain considerations one must make before arriving at such a conclusion:

  • Look at your children first: You might have got over with the relationship, but, the spouse could be “good and responsible” towards your children. Think if it really makes sense to devoid them off their father’s or mother’s love. There are situations when the partner may not be good to you, but, makes an excellent parent for your child. So, you may consider continuing with the person even if you are not willing to. After all, the childhood to your kids will not come back again.
  • Consider the heavy load of taxes: You may have to pay a heavy load of taxes when you get divorced or separated. So, the best is to consult an expert on this and get it straight from him the kind and magnitude of effect your divorce will have on your tax burden.
  • Think of the property: If you recently bought a joint property, and you have contributed equally to it, then think of practical aspects of life. This means, you need a house for yourself and in the absence of the present one, you may have to rent one, which might not be feasible. Again, you need to step back and think twice before reaching a conclusion.
  • Savings and Retirement Plans: There are many retirement plans like RRSP which need to be split up if you don’t want to hand it over to your spouse. And if your partner too is not willing to transfer the same to you then all you can do is to cash it up and get prepared to pay a huge tax.
  • Take a look at your credit report: If your credit report is good because of your spouse or you have made it strong needs to be considered. If you think it may crumble under separation or divorce then you must take a relook at your decision.
  • Calculate the cost of divorce: You must calculate the cost of undergoing the process of divorce; it may be expensive for the earnings you make. If so, you can always choose the mode of divorce which is inexpensive and easy for you.
  • Check the availability of attorney: Sometimes, attorney of your choice may be busy with a lot of things and he may not be able to give adequate time to your case. If so, wait for some time but do not settle down for any attorney without doing a research.


Getting a divorce in Canada always calls for a lot of management, especially at monetary front. So, judge the situation and never make a hasty decision merely because you want to get rid of a person. However, fi there is no option then you may have to settle down with the case under the given circumstances only.