Coping with Stress after a Break Up


It’s never easy when a marriage comes to an end. It turns your whole world upside down. Whatever the reason for the split it hurts your emotions a lot. There are plenty of things you can do to get through this crucial phase. You can even learn from the experience you have gathered.

Healing up the wounds of a break up:

Why do breakups hurt so much, is a debatable issue.  Though the relationship is no longer good people get affected by its coming to an end. It is painful because it represents the loss. Romantic relationships begin with a lot of excitement but often end with disappointment, stress, and grief.

Coping with a break up:

There are certain things to be done to cope up the scars left by the wound of a divorce.

1.       To be patient with yourself – Time is the best healer and patience can be the best medicine available. You have to think that you can still move on.

2.       Share your feelings with others – Sharing your feelings with friends and family can help you get out of the pain. You can talk to others to minimize your stress. Isolating yourself can cause further agony.

3.       Give yourself some time – A normal human being takes time to heal; one should give himself a period of time.

4.        Think that it’s OK – It’s normal to go for a break up if the marriage was unhealthy. Start considering that nothing unusual happened to you.

5.       Don’t fight your emotions – It’s quite normal to have emotions which may often be painful. An attempt to suppress or ignore them will only lengthen the sufferings.  It is always advisable to acknowledge these feelings.

6.       Think that you still have a future – Loss of hopes and dreams may be scary. You have to learn not to dwell on the negative feelings. Don’t get stuck in hurtful feelings which would prevent you from healing and moving forward.

7.        Stay away from depression – With the passing of time the sadness begins to lift. You have to stay away from depression. Remember, you must start moving on. All you need is a forward momentum.

8.       Spend time with people who love you – Reach out people who support, value, motivate and energize you.