Dealing with threat of alimony coming from wife

Blackmailing for Alimony
Blackmailing for Alimony
Blackmailing for Alimony

When you are in a relationship that is only rotten and has no good smell left in it, the best option is to come out of it. However, doing so may not be easy for many people and constantly they may be finding themselves to be at the receiving end.

A dying marriage

In a dying marriage, the husband does not know which way to move. If he stays in the relationship, he constantly has to bear with the pain and parcel of a dying relationship which is nothing more than a harrow for him.

If he thinks of coming out of it, he may again find himself to threats coming from his wife about the claims she can make about alimony.

The threats

In most of the divorce cases, the husband being the earning member of the family in frequent number of cases is supposed to pay alimony to the wife.

There would be women who would not like to miss any of this kind of an opportunity to grab as much as they can from a dying and broken relationship.

In fact a time when comes when they observe this as a platform to claim money for them to survive after divorce.

Different possibilities

She may tell you that you have to share a major chunk of your income it her, because she is not able to earn or has children.

She may also tell you that if you get married for the second time she would also claim a share of your second wife’s income.

She may project a share in your asset including movable and fixed.

Things that you must know

When you come across such a woman who has been your wife for some time now, the first things you must do is to file a divorce case.

Let the alimony amount be decided by the court. If you try to do it at personal level, you may be black ailed time and again.

If it comes through court you would be sure that everything is documented and legal. So, this would not give another scope to your ex-wife to make bigger claims in the future.

Court will make a decision based on your income and life style, however, you can expect a sound justification from the court depending on the arguments that your lawyer comes up with.

Any kind of transaction that you make should be documented and noted so that everything is in congruence with the law.

There are wives who blackmail their husbands in the name of law and alimony. But, these victim husbands must know the ways of dealing with them. They must consult a lawyer who can guide them through and should avoid taking any step based on mutual consent, if the aim is to dissolve the relationship completely. There can be smart ways to handle the situation rather than playing a victim to it and leaking out the hard earned money.