Divorce or Separation? Think before you act

Divorce or Separation
Divorce or Separation

After a prolonged period of marital issues, a phase comes when you are not sure whether you should divorce your partner or should you get separated. And this could create a lot of confusion in your mind because you are neither sure about one thing nor about the other.

However, before you arrive a conclusion, it is better you think on the following points:

  • If you still feel the love in some corner: if you think the love is still there in some corner and you miss your spouse when you down see or meet him or her for a long time, then you must reconsider your thought of divorcing the person. It could be so that the feelings are almost the same from both of you and hence going for the hardest decision are probably a distant passivity.
  • If you are not too sure of your decision: if you think you don’t want to get divorced right away and want to give yourself some time then take initiative and make an effort either by staying together and communicating on the issues which have given problems to you. Else, you can get separated for some time and then realize the actual emotional status of your relationship. You may miss your spouse and may want to be together once again.
  • If you don’t want your children to suffer: There are moments when you take a decision not for yourself but for your kids. If that is the case then you must consider staying together and giving another chance to your relationship.
  • If you’re financial planning and saving enough to support you: you have to survive on your own when you take the decision of moving away from your spouse. The basic needs like house, food and others have to be met. So, take a relook at your financial stability and then think of getting divorce or separated.
  • If you want to get an expert opinion: In case you move to a counsellor or a psychologist who can help you to understand, think and realise your own mistakes and can also help you to get back to the relationship with positive energy then you may consider your decision.
  • If you have problems even with others too: reflect on yourself and think if you are facing relationship issues even with others. If that is the case then you may need to change yourself rather than expecting any change from your spouse. It could happen so that your personality is too strong to accommodate others and hence all the problems may have started from there.

Going for a divorce is certainly the extreme step in a marriage. Breaking up a relationship is still easier and destructive at the same time. So, you must think of constructing your marriage and yet, if you think that staying with your spouse is not possible then, prefer going for a separation rather than divorce. This will give you seem time to change your mind set and probably will show you the true face of the relationship.