Do you feel stress free after getting divorced?

Stress free life after divorce
Stress free life after divorce
Stress free life after divorce

There are people who actually think that they are leading a better life after getting divorced. And this could be true to a large extent because when you are there in a souring relationship, you may want to come out of it at any cost and when you do so you feel relieved.

The time when you were in a sour relationship

Many a time’s people are there in a dying relationship for a quite a long time. Reasons could be galore, it could be the children the economic dependence, the pain of affording a new house or it could just be the fear of switching over to a new environment. And often times, one wants to give enough time before quitting a relationship. All this put together, you land up into a dull and dry bond for years.

The different issues associated with a sour relationship

  • It was always gave you the feeling of walking on a sword, a little careless you are and you get a cut.
  • It never made you feel happy and content, rather you were undermined.
  • It never gave you the courage of making an independent decision, rather you always had to depend on your spouse for the same otherwise you had to be ready to face serious consequences.
  • You always had to predict the behaviour of your spouse because you never were sure the way he or she was going to react.
  • It was a relationship which deviates you from your real self, making you play the role of a spouse or a parent and never you.
  • You always tried to make your spouse and you were never reciprocated back.
  • You made every possible attempt to ensure that it works out, but, there were none from the other side.
  • You had to live in your house like a stranger, but, now you are just on yourself, you can live your life the way you want to.

You realize it when you come out of it

The moment you come out of it, you Amy see a big change in your life. Earlier, when you had a fear of being judged and criticized all the time, now, you are a free bird and can make independent decisions. You are actually living a life in a happy and normal way. You are socializing on your own, you are wearing dresses on your own, and you understand your worth only after you are out of the old tangles.

The decision of getting divorced could be quite tough when you have been living into a marriage for quiet some time now. However, when you make one such bold decision, you may make yourself get rid of many problems. You can lead a happy normal and healthy life to yourself which you could not all this while. You get to compare between the bad and the good only when you experience the good. And this is what happens when you spend your life for yourself and not for anyone else.