Do you know about “Do it yourself Divorces?”

Do It Yourself Divorce
Do It Yourself Divorce

Divorce brings you a galore of emotional pain and along with this it drains you out economically. When you file a divorce case, there is a huge legal proceeding which goes on for months. You have to pay your attorney apart from meeting the other expenditures. Your cost can be up by thousands of dollars if you hire a lawyer to present your case.

However, you can think of a less expensive option wherein you can present your own divorce case in the court under the option of “Do it yourself”.

Features and Advantages

  • You will solely represent your own case without hiring any lawyer or this purpose.
  • This would save you from a lot of cost which would otherwise have drained you out.
  • You know the details of your case, so the way you can present no one else can.
  • There will be a personal touch in the entire proceeding.
  • In this phase of slowing economy, it gives you an opportunity to save as much as possible.


  • You cannot go for this option if a minor child is involved in the case.
  • If there are property, asset, debt or bankruptcy involved in the case then you cannot handle it on your own, you have to hire an expert who can handle these affairs.
  • Sometimes, people take a long time to represent their case as they might not have any background or experience of dealing with any legal issue.
  • As you are not aware of your rights completely, you might land up settling down for much lesser than what a lawyer would have helped you to get.

The way out

  • Print the divorce form from internet or get it from a local office. While filling you should be careful about each and every word.
  • If you find that your local jurisdiction is not quite friendly towards this approach then you can meet the paper requirements on your own and then hire a lawyer to represent your case. This will save your cost.
  • To avoid the margin of error in a “Do it yourself divorce’ and to save upon time you can think of hiring a lawyer.

This option is quite helpful in cutting expenditures one incur in divorce, but at the same time it should be done with a little expertise, else you may land up negotiating for something smaller than you deserve.