Does Recession have an Impact on Divorce?


recission and divorceThe recession does not affect the rate of divorce as claimed by the Marriage Foundation  . The Foundation does not agree that financial stress causes couples to move apart. On the contrary they hold the opinion that when income starts to increase and job becomes secured, divorce seems to be affordable to many couples. Couples living under a crisis are not in a position to afford lawyers, or to make payment for two homes after a break up, or to leave their home.

Difference in statistics:

There is no proof of connection between economic development or stock market condition with alteration of divorce rates. The divorce rate increased at the time of recession in 1980 and 1991, but has dropped during the crisis started in 2008.

The Foundation combines the rate of divorce of couples living together for a very short period and those who are staying together for a long period. There are also some ups and downs in the statistics of marriage and divorce.

Quality of the Statistics provided:

Fact remains that the quality of divorce statistics is not even. Statistics are prepared from states, but there are some states which do not get involved in the process, as such the numbers are not complete.

Statistics based on reliable sources are always better to rely upon than those based on people’s recollections or answers obtained in survey.

A good way of tracking divorce is to follow couples over time to find out whether their marriages survive or they break down.

Reasons behind fall in divorce rates during some period:

After the recession property values suffered a lot between 1990 and 1992. Some couples delayed to take the decision of divorce to make sure that their assets are secured before they start an expensive legal process, with the hope that the economic might increase the value of their homes and other assets.

Though unemployment and price hike might create a pressure upon any relationship, but that does not always result in a break up.

Normal effects of recession:

Many people have faced immense pressure due to the recession. Businesses that could have flourished, have totally collapsed. Banks refused to provide finance. Couples struggled for paying the mortgage, searching for new job or feeding the kids. Stress and worry can have an ill effect on any relationship including marriage, especially those lacking sound foundations. Couples often look for relief elsewhere. Marriages fail as a consequence. Though recession was blamed for the hike in rates of divorce but that is not the picture at all times.

It might also be possible that stress caused by loss of work, or other economic injury might also decrease the risk of divorce.  It is hard to understand whether there is really a role of economy in a break up.