Evaluate if your marriage is heading for a divorce

Signs of marriage apart
Signs of marriage driving  apart

Sometimes, a relationship throws signal but either we are not able to receive them in the right way, or we push them away considering to be a “small problem”.

Amid all the relationships the most intimate one is “marital”, and hence it bears the risk in a larger amount as well.

Time to time, it does send signals which are strong enough to indicate the status of the bond, yet, reading between the lines is what needed by us to save the “danger” waiting in future.

Some of the signs are mentioned below:

  • You talk but you don’t converse: both of you may be staying under the same roof, yet, rarely find any time when you are engaged deep into a conversation. Such a deep conversation that would make you switch off your mobile phone so that no one disturbs you and your dearie. If you have not been having such a conversation in your relationship then get the hint that you may be heading for a break up.
  • You cook but you don’t enjoy the food: When cooking becomes a mundane activity, wherein, you only prepare meals because the “stomach” needs it. Both of you have stopped enjoying meals together, you have stopped organising “candle light dinner” for both of you at home, then you must take the hint because it is certainly not normal for a married couple.
  • You possess but are not passionate: Both of you are there in each other’s lives but you don’t take pride in the fact. In other words, you are not passionate about each other. Your spouse is just like any other “presence’ in your life.
  • Only second hand information comes to you: Your spouse has got an award, but you only came to know through his or her colleague, this means there is no urge to inform the “spouse first”. You come to know many of the things only through some “common link” between the two of you. This is a quite a big signal to indicate that your marriage is close call to divorce.
  • Lack of appreciation: When you stop looking at the brighter aspect of your spouse and you find nothing interesting in your partner. You stop appreciating either privately or publicly then you must understand that the relationship is heading for a disaster.
  • No interest in physical intimacy: You or your partner do not feel any urge for getting locked into the bedroom and have some private time for yourself. This is one of the striking signals that the relationship might not continue for a longer period of time.

The way your body language sends signals for the love you possess for a person, similarly, when your heart intends to move apart, you may find some serious signals. Avoiding them or ignoring them will only make things worse, so decode them as soon as possible and get prepared accordingly.