Get Prepared for Loneliness before going for Divorce


loneliness after divorceWhen you end up in a divorce and get separated from your spouse or settle down alone, you may feel lonely.

Loneliness comes later:

When you focus on your career and earning money, you do not have enough time to think about your loneliness. Having children and a job protects you against any loneliness. But that does not help you in the long run.

Things change with time and you finally realize the fact that you are all alone. Feelings of loneliness creep in your mind silently. Your career might be flourishing but you feel the emptiness.

Years after a break up when at last you settle down after focusing on career and kids, you feel the loss of the relation. One of the worst things about old age is living alone.

Time when you feel lonely:

Feeling lonely is very common after divorce. You might have children staying with you, but it cannot be the same as residing with an existing partner.

When you come back home and your children are not there, you feel lonely. Nobody answers your phone calls and this makes you feel that you are left out. May be you are not sad for having a divorce, but you are sad to be alone.

You have sacrificed everything for the marriage and you kids and you feel that there is nothing left. This makes you feel very lonely.

Once you get back on your feet, you are happy with your new single status. You can lead your life the way you always wanted.You might be happy that there is none to argue with, no one to make your home untidy but then you realize that the home itself is missing.

When you reach you 60s, you will feel that living alone is no longer desired.  It is more often miserable. The freedom that you enjoyed earlier can now be oppressive. When you grow older you start feeling that no one really cares for you.

Think before taking the major decision:

Ask yourself before going for a divorce whether it is the last option left. Give a second thought to the relation. Is there no other resort left? If the answer is positive then do not go for divorce, it will give you nothing but emptiness at the end.

Try to solve your disputes. This might help you to avoid the break up. If it is a genuine positive relation, try to keep the bond in position. Moving out of your house is an easy task but experiencing the loneliness years after the break up is very sad. Try to be happy in your existing relationship so that you do not feel lonely in your later life.