How does a financial Specialist facilitate the process of Collaborative Divorce?

A financial specialist
A financial specialist
A financial specialist

When you are heading for a collaborative divorce, you may want the process to be smooth and hassle free. A financial specialist can actually smoothen up the process by contributing in unbiased fashion.

How different is a financial specialist from a divorce attorney or a lawyer?

A lawyer would always take up sides, of the person he is hired by. This could be while dealing with child custody, alimony or even for settling financial issues. He would always aim at withdrawing the maximum benefit from the other party so that his or her client could get the most. And to win the case he may go a little unjustified, because at any cost he or she has to ensure that victory comes to the client.

However, a financial specialist is actually an unbiased person who mainly sets things right not at the cost of anyone. He or she ensures that justice is brought to both he parties and even to the children. He may deal with various issues, but, everywhere the unbiased approach is valid.

How does a financial specialist work?

The first job a financial specialist does is to gather information from all the stakeholders of divorce. And this includes the child too, who is mostly ignored when you give your case in the hands of a lawyer.

He accumulates all the relevant data and information don then starts his work systematically.
He makes it a point that the all the assets are listed which are to be shared and both the parties get a share according to the rules. This is purely based upon law and even justice.

Another important tasks he does is to make everyone hear the voice of the child too, which is majorly ignored when a divorce case is dealt by a lawyer.

A specialist would not aim at retrieving the maximum for one party but would ensure that everyone gets almost an equal share.

Can a financial specialist replace a divorce lawyer?

He cannot, because both have their own roles to play. The role of financial specialist is largely to distribute the assets in a justified manner whereas a lawyer is the one who is going to reprint your case in the courtroom. So interchanging roles should not be confused. A Financial specialist can help you to distribute assets in a neutral manner because he has been trained accordingly.

Getting divorced is actually tricky process. One needs to really do a lot of research before reaching a conclusion. It is implant that you hire right kind of professionals for handling your case and this includes a team of experts like attorney, a financial specialist and so on. Everyone has to play a significant role in dealing with your cases peacefully. You certainly want the best for yourself and also for your family. A financial specialist will take a look at every possible situation pertaining to the betterment of your family and not just one person.