How to deal with an over ambitious wife


There are all kinds of jokes which can be shared among groups. However, one of the biggest jokes which remain hilarious throughout among men’s club especially is that of the wife jokes.

One among such hilarious moments is when there is a discussion on how to ensure your wife is satisfied with as little as you do. Sure, men like to laugh at his friend’s miseries on how his wife is nothing but a gold-digger but one cannot deny that satisfying an over ambitious wife could be much of a responsibility.

How to deal with an over ambitious wife

Hence, these are some tips which can be shared and remembered in order to understand quicker ways to satisfy you’re over ambitious wife:

Praise her relentlessly: You have the biggest gem of the life- your wife. Be it for good or for bad, she can never think in her dreams to leave you. So, praising her at every given moment can just make her feel more appreciated and accepted. Chances exist that her cribbing will be minimized.

Listen, CAREFULLY:- There is no more of an art than listening to a woman. She can talk, she can speak and she can/cannot make sense. Thus, listening to a woman can be considered quite an art. Listening to her can only solve half of your woes. Learn to listen.

Make her understand: It is always better to sit down in person and make your points heard with your over ambitious wife. With your woman, you must do it. Tell her your strengths, your weaknesses, your capacity to spend and your passions. Tell her that she is included in your future and she has nothing to worry. Also, comfort her with the words that all her dreams will get fulfilled if she agrees to wait and move with you.

Make Her jealous: Seriously, this could be an innovative way just to make your over ambitious wife a little insecure. If you tend to praise other women in front of her, if you tend to glorify the acts of your staff colleague as compared to her, chances exist that she may just feel like changing her nagging nature. She can become more loving, caring, and gullible and it will be easy to make her happy.

Remember women just love to demand and ask over-the-top things. They will in the end judge you by your heart and if you score a 100/100 on it, then be sure you have nothing to worry.