Idina Menzel talks about dating after divorce

Idina Menzel breaks up
Idina Menzel breaks up
Idina Menzel breaks up

After staying for years in a marriage, Idina Menzel comes out of it by saying “quits” to the relationship.

Speaking the mind

Menzel says that she was not willing to introduce her spouse any more although the split might not have been liked by their son who is four years of age.

She also shares with the world that she was 15 when she experienced a split between her parents. She feels bad for her son, but, she takes it positively that he is going through all this at 4 years of age instead of facing it all, at the age of 15.

She marks that it wouldn’t impact him as much as she was impacted by her parents’ split. She informs that she was stressed due to the events that had happened then, and she opines that her son would have lesser pain when he grows up and reaches that age.

The impact of divorce on children

Kaine Fisher Chairman of Family Law Department at Rose Law Group says that divorce between the parents can have a profound impact on the children and the reasons are quite obvious.

He affirms that a child can be happy if his or her parents are happy, so the reverse of the effect is also not unheard of.

Issues associated with divorce

Divorce would mostly lead to “custody battle”, property division and many other things that would leave a mark on the child’s mind. Therefore, a parent should be aware of the fact that his or her anger or pain or frustration and hatred towards the situation or the other partner should not get exposed.

Dating after divorce

Menzel says that dating after divorce is not a “happy task”.

In fact, relationship experts too believe that if you are willing to date someone after you have got divorced, it could seem to be an uphill task. There is an actually a lot of emotional downturn that makes a person under confident to start a new relationship in life.

One is filled with uncertainty, pain and distrust from the previous relationship therefore, finding it quite difficult to accept a new person in life.

First time when you are planning to go for a date, after all that you have seen in the courtroom, you will actually falter in many ways. You may not be comfortable dressing up, you many feel convenient talking to a new person and may not be sure about getting accepted by the other person as well

Dating after divorce is something that one would not like to think after he or she has gone through the entire process, quiet recently. It takes time to mend the thought process to start life afresh; it also takes time to heal the wound and the scars that have come after the last relationship. However, life moves on and one has to go on living, hence getting into a new relationship would actually look like a necessity after sometime of void in your life.