Is Rate of Success More in case of Second Marriages?


second marriageMany of us do not know that the rate of success is more in second marriages. The rate of divorce in case of second marriages is about 30% compared to more than 45% in case of first marriages.

If we compare couples, we will find that second marriages appear to be often happier than many first marriages.

Why second marriages are more successful?

Divorce is a tragic event in one’s life. People learn a lot from unhappy first marriages and they think that the second relationship will be the last test for them.

Many persons who got married for the second time learn a lot about themselves and their role played in the break up. They look back at their behavior and acknowledge their role in the divorce.

They aim to take the ‘right’ decision at the second occasion instead of the ‘wrong’ one which was taken last time. Second marriages are “less likely to break up” as people get benefits from their first experience.

People married for the second time are more ready to be committed to their second partner. Instead of sliding into a married life without pondering over the issue, they carefully consider the pros and cons before tying the knot.

Importance of age factor in second marriages:

Generally second marriages make better couples as people getting  married for the second time are older compared to those in the first marriages. Higher age is often accompanied with higher income. Higher income protects against many hazards which are usually faced by couples.

The maturity level is higher in a second marriage. People have more consciousness and awareness. Having the past experience of divorce and separation, they are more motivated to work out their problems to save the marriage.

Older people have a better chance to make a marriage survive compared to the younger ones. The age might offer them some emotional stability which allows them make a steady relationship more easily.

Second marriages are less likely to fail than first marriages as reaching a certain age helps a person to share many challenges of a married life.

How to make the second marriage work better?

If one can admit that the failure of his first marriage was not because the faults of his your ex-spouse and is willing to take some of the blame upon himself for what went wrong earlier, then the second marriage will definitely go in a smooth path.

If you want to develop good marriage skills for strengthening the tie with the person you are going to spend the rest of your life, you must find a way to make the relation work. Good communication and learning from your past will help you to feel each other much more than you used to do earlier.