Is your Marriage Failing due to your In-laws?


in lawsAre you struggling presently with your in-laws? Are your in-laws intruding and harming your marriage? Do you hate them? These are very common questions which come into one’s mind when a married life becomes bitter and the bitterness might be due to either of the in-laws.

How do in-laws become an issue in the married life?
Do you fail to understand why your spouse gets angry regarding parent’s influence in your married life? Are they invading issues that should be ideally decided by both of you alone? Try to understand the reason of him or her being upset.

You have to know what are the views of your spouse about your parents’ intrusion into your private issues.

These interferences might create anger and bitterness which will drive both of you away from each other.
How  to solve the problem?

The following tips for dealing with your in-laws to strengthen your relationship with your spouse can be very useful.

  1. Understand them – Do not limit time to interact with your in-laws to only holidays. Spend quality time with them on occasions and gatherings as well, and get closer them. This is important even in case of men as caring for your wife’s parents will also express your love for her.
  2. Maintain a cordial relation – Never abuse or insult your in-laws, even in absence of your spouse.  If you have a problem, talk to your spouse. Even if your spouse has a problem with them, keep quiet. Nobody would like their parents to be accused.
  3. Give priority to your relationship – keep the relationship above everything and even your in-laws. Remember you expect your spouse to stand beside you against all odds. Obviously you are married your spouse and not to your in-laws.
  4. Do not cross your limits – Make your in-laws feel that you desire to have a healthy relationship with them.  But never cross your boundaries. Just as they are your in-laws that do not mean that mean you can tell them anything.
  5. Keep a safe distance – This is always true .Never allow your in-laws visit your home which might become a way to interfere in your personal life, and do not allow them to intervene anywhere and everywhere. You should not have an open door every time.
  6. Address the issues – You must understand the reasons you do not get well with your in-laws. Whatever might be the actual reasons; you must address them and try to change yourself if the situation demands so. Even counseling can be very useful especially when the case is really complicated.
  7. Make sure that there is a real problem – Be sure that there is really a problem. It is often difficult to understand that it is an apparent problem or a real one. Is the behavior of their parent really a problem? Or it is only your imagination? First you make sure about that and then you get it corrected.