Jane Seymour announces her divorce


Jane Seymour announces her divorceActress Jane Seymour speaks about her break up with her present husband. She further confirmed to a magazine that they had been living separately for many months and are now finally negotiating the terms of their divorce.Though they are heading towards divorce, Jane claimed that their relation is civil and they wish to continue in the same manner for the family. They have two twin sons , each 17 years old, namely John and Kristopher.

The actress, who had been married to Keach for the last so many years announced the split and cleared all doubts as well as rumors regarding the issue. But she declared that they will continue their relationship as good parents for the welfare of their children.

But unlike many celebrity break ups, the breakup of their marriage seems to be different. Seymour and Keach were sill together posing  in an event. The actress also confirmed that both of them will share  cordial relations.

Jane said that they share their feelings with each other and respect one another. They been tied up together for the last 22 years, and they wish to be together the rest of their lives bringing up their children and doing charity. This is going to be the fourth divorce  for Seymour and the third one for her husband.

The couple solved their disputes for the purpose of attending a charity event together very recently. The temporary reunion was held in Malibu, California.

Soon after announcing the end of their marriage, Keach supported his wife for the charitable cause, which utilizes Seymour’s artwork to highlight issues relating to health and medicine.

In spite of the struggles in their personal life, the 62-year-old Seymour appears positive while posing.  She was accompanied with her granddaughter and actress Chelsea Kane in the event.

Common friends guess probable reasons:

Some common friends said that the marriage actually ended a long time ago. They managed to keep quiet and not to disclose it before the public but they are not surprised to see the ultimate fate of the relation, particularly those who are close to them.

James is a very talented person but at the same time he is a flirt and has a wandering eye. They had disputes regarding faith issues.

Jane was serious regarding this marriage. She wanted it to last forever. She is sad as it is over. The couple shares a $23 million property in Malibu.

Jane still moving forward in her life:

Seymour had a successful career outside of films. She has enough income from her artwork and designs jewellery, furniture, etc. She has also been the writer of many books.

The actress did not take any break in her career. She had all along focused in her career through television projects in the coming year. The divorce is not going to stop her career from prospering.