Memorandum of Understanding-a better approach to divorce

Settlement of Divorce
Settlement of Divorce

Divorce always starts with a “sour note” and it mostly ends with a bitter taste. Mostly, it is observed that, at the time of getting divorced, couples are always in an attempt to get rid of the relationship as soon as possible. Probably, the mental attachment is lost, the emotional touch gets rotten and many more dirty feelings dominate the relationship, therefore, both the people tied to the knot, want to come out of it even without foreseeing the future.The future of divorce

After the dust of divorce settles down, both of the people coming out of the relationship start evaluating and assessing the consequences and also start living in the past. This surely doesn’t mean that they miss the union, but, they start thinking how different things could have been. The thought is more on the “steps and considerations” they should have made rather than they did make. Overall, there is regret and many a times people are to be seen paying prices for the considerations and evaluations they missed upon.

Memorandum of Understanding

These days, many of the couples leading for a divorce are giving a final shape to their break ups by getting into a “memorandum of understanding”. This is something which is also known as “MoU” and it gives a platform to the divorcee couples so that they can end the relationship with even more careful thought and comparatively with a happier note.

A Moue gives a stage where couples can mutually discuss and arrive at conclusions which are acceptable by all.

Advantages of MoU

In a number of cases, a couple seen to be coming out of a relationship to get rid of emotional turmoil sooner than later. As time passes by, the practical needs of life force them to rethink their decision and a person could be forced back to get back to the ex-partner asking for another set of settlements. But, the case is already over, so this ex-partner is rarely willing to share his or her resources with someone who is not a part of the life anymore. In fact, many a times, a person is seen to be buying the property from her ex-spouse which was either bought by the two of them or belonged to any one of them.

Hence, Memorandum of Understanding gives a platform to the divorcee couples for settling heir terms and conditions while getting separated, and it ensures that one need not go back to the pains of past for getting his deserving share.