Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones: Finding difficult to stay together?


Douglas and Zeta-JonesAnother celebrity marriage seems to be moving towards celebrity divorce. Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones are heading towards a separation. Questions are arising why they are finding it hard to stay together in the limelight. Are mental health struggles causing the break down, or is it something else which is coming in their way?

Douglas through his publicist, Allen Burry, declared that they wish to take some time to evaluate and work on their relation.

Probable reasons for the breakdown:

Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones have two kids and they have been staying together for the last 13 years.  The relationship is better compared to many Hollywood marriages. But the reason behind their failure to stay together is becoming a million dollar question today.

The couple has come across many major health problems in recent years.  Douglas fought with throat cancer and his wife Catherine Zeta Jones has struggled with bipolar disorder.

Again there is a gulf of age difference between them. Moreover there was a prison sentence for his son from his earlier marriage.

Is it due to the failure rate of Hollywood marriages?

At present the divorce rate in the United States is 50%. Moreover Hollywood marriages are hard to move with, due to focus, temptation, other reasons.

Hollywood marriages have so many issues that they are the hardest of all.  With a fatal disease like cancer and mental-health problems, it can be a big challenge.

Though the couple’s marriage has been lasting for long and they have been together in tough times, but somehow the marriage did not work.

Did the age difference create problem?

When the two got married in 2000, nobody bothered about the age difference. But later on the difference gave rise to many problems.

A close friend shared that Douglas had many life experiences being already through a marriage and a child. He also tried his best to avoid the problems he had had in his earlier marriage. Douglas was obliged that Zeta Jones gave him a second chance to have a family. He wanted a second chance to become a husband and a father but somehow things went wrong.

Douglas had had a successful career as well as wealth. But the shock caused by the news of his cancer, and the therapy and drugs administered on his wife created deep trouble in their relationship.

Will the separation help?

The couple had been in deep love with each other. That is why they are taking time to move apart, but they not doing anything more. They are not going for legal separation and have not engaged lawyers. They have been committed to each other for which they wish to work hard to make the marriage work.

They have not filed a suit for divorce till date which clearly shows that they are desirous of giving a second chance to the relation. It might be a new beginning for the couple.