Negative Impact of Divorce on Children


negativ impact of divorceA divorce affects all the family members, especially the children. The innocent children fail to understand what is going on, but they feel the loss of either of the parents from whom they get detached.

When custody becomes a major issue, a child is compelled to choose either of the parents to live with, as a result the quality time the child spends with the other parent gets decreased. When the child stays with one parent, the bond with the other parent gets hurt.

The psychological pain:

Pain after the break up goes away but the memories left behind stay. Memories haunt when they think about it.

Only a very few children can forget the negative feelings, but the majority of them keep it alive. As such, they keep on feeling mistreated. These negative emotions prevent them from focusing on positive things and heading towards a better future. Normally they become conscious about the vicious circle surrounding them.

Sense of insecurity:

A divorce becomes a remarkable event in the life of the children. It changes their whole world. They fail to understand the concept as a whole. They feel that things are going to be different.

Many questions come into their minds- where to go? Whom to choose for staying with? Whether the other parent will visit? Are they responsible for the divorce? Will they be allowed to keep in touch with brothers and sisters?

Becoming anxious:

The insecurities often make the child become anxious resulting in an anxiety disorder. Though it is an extreme consequence but it can be very fatal for the proper development of a child.


Some of them become aggressive as a result of the divorce. Normally their behavior disappears after sometime. If it does not, action should be taken. One has to know how to change such behavior of the child for his future development.

Poor academic progress:

Children of divorced couples often show poor academic progress. They are more aggressive and have stormy relations with their teachers and school authorities.

If we carefully look at children’s grades, scoring graph, or rate of dropout from schools, we will observe that children of divorced couples have poorer scores. These results have been proved through research studies during the last few decades.

Suffering from depression:

When a child is depressed, the negative feelings in his mind stay permanently above all others in his mind. Depression is such a mental disease which requires professional help and often requires medication.

Lack of communication:

There is a relation between children of divorced couples and communication skills. Children of divorce find it difficult in trusting people or in communicating with them.

They have less social communications. They prefer to cut social relationships after the divorce of their parents. Later on they face problems in having intimate relationships.