Psychological Impacts of Divorce

Depressed Person after divorce
Person Depressed after divorce

Divorce would be the last thing a person would like to experience in life. In most of the cases it leaves a bitter taste in mouth and ruins the emotions of a person leaving him emotionally disabled to reconnect with a new person in life.

Some of the impacts are as follows:


The person, who has undergone a bitter divorce, generally takes a long time to trust anyone new in his life.  In fact he starts distrusting anyone around him or her. He starts suspecting anyone who approaches him or her to extend support


As he has been ditched by a person whom he trusted the most, he doesn’t have any security about anything and anyone around him. He might get over possessive about everything he owns, it could be children, and it could be his friends or anyone else whom he depends upon in large amount.


Divorce leaves a person with disinterest in any new relationship, he doesn’t want to date, and he doesn’t want to socialize in any form. In fact he or she may lose interest in own self.

Under confidence

Somewhere deep down the person has the feeling of being rejected by somebody he or she trusted the most. With this, crops up the feeling of “under confidence” and makes this person feel shaky about everything he does or he thinks.


The person doesn’t feel free to communicate openly with even the people who care for him. He talks to himself and keeps things within. He prefers weeping alone and sitting quietly with a cup of coffee rather than sharing his thoughts with anyone else.


The pain within comes out in the form of anger and it is observe that such people get angry with even simpler things going against them.


The capacity to adjust and accommodate others’ view is reduced or lost, at least for some time.


Such people may get frustrated even at smaller failures, because they have failed in working out the most beautiful relationship in their lives.


They are seen to be frowning most of the times, because they don’t find any reason to smile.


Such people are also seen to be depressed all the time and forget the ways of enjoying life.

The above mentioned are a few impacts of divorce one undergoes in life.