Rate of Divorce Increasing for People above 60 Years


Rate of divorce in case of couples above 60 years of age has almost doubled in a decade. In 2007, the latest statistics available in the UK, said that 50 per cent more over-60s got divorced than ten years previously. Today a very few couples believe that marriage is forever. Divorcing couples over 60 often are not found to feel ashamed or embarrassed.

Presently the number of divorces increase when people turn 60. Today it is very common for people over 60 separating from their husband or wife even after living together for so long. In 2011 8% of all husbands who got divorced were found to be over 60. The hike was similar among women.

Reasons behind marital break-up after 60:
Many people after their retirement get time to reassess their life. Increasing life expectancy is a cause .Higher lust for life is also a reason. Changing social attitude can also be responsible for such break up. The outlook on life changes when people retire resulting in many break ups .They re-evaluated what they want from a marriage. They even end up finding a new partner. Couples are found to move apart after their children head out of the family home. They wish to pursue other relationships than staying together. They try to retrieve their identity which they think they have lost long back.

The senior generation is dragging the average divorce age each year. Though a little late in life they prefer to find new adventures in life. At this age they decide not to compromise. They prefer to lead separate lives. They feel more independent in their sixties. They start imagining that life could be more exciting. The confidence and maturity that old age provides make them so desperate. They get tired of a long and unhappy marriage.

Emotional Stress is another factor responsible for break ups at the golden age. It is often observed that people with longer lifetimes have higher aspirations for life. Though divorce in the golden years can very complicated, still they do not fall behind.

Results of break ups after 60:
Divorce after retirement brings a unique set of challenges. Division of assets, social security benefits, medical benefits, healthcare costs and retirement funds and debt are the primary issues arising out of such break ups.