Reasons behind the demise of Scarlett Johansson’s marriage

Scarlett Johansson
Scarlett Johansson
Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson opens up for the first time on the reason behind her dissolved marriage with her ex-husband Ryan Reynolds. The marriage was dissolved in 2010, after two years of their wedding life.

Scarlett talks her mind out

She says that now she has realized the need and wants in her marriage. And she is able to communicate better than before. She also shares that she has reflected upon the details of her previous marriage.

The possible reasons behind the break up

Some say that it could be her constant judgement and criticism that led to the break up between the two.

However, Johansson now blames herself for the situation. She also confirms that she gets judgemental and critical about herself and about others too. She feels that she did the same with Ryan too.

She also says that being “assertive and straight” could be another reason for the marriage to break. She blames these attitudes for driving her into a problem every now and then.

She has little patience when it comes to handling family and men and her impatience is reflected in her professional life too.

The life after divorce

The star is now trying to flow with life and hence making effort to cope with the new status of being “single.”

She reports that she was depressed in the beginning and was finding it difficult to cope with the changes in life.

Now she is trying to bring life back on track and hence she started going to the gym so that she can keep occupied.

Her present relationship

She has now got married to a French journalist. She finds this relationship to be absolutely refreshing because the man is far away from acting world. She shares that the couple enjoys each other’s company because they belong to two different worlds. And this is the reason why she is happier being with him because they get the flavor of two worlds and not just one.

The new experiences

While staying with her husband in Paris, she enjoys the attention she receives. She says that “she has an audience all the time, which look at her for the kind of clothes she wears.” She informs that in New York she could her Nike whenever she wanted to, but, in Paris one really needs to be careful bout clothes.

She is expecting and people refer her to be one hot mum.

After getting divorced, from her ex-husband, Scarlett probably is into a realization modem here she understands the possible reason behind the failure of her previous marriage. She merely blames herself for the circumstances her previous marriage went through. However, she feels that she can handle better and communicate better, so everyone would certainly expect her to have a more stable married life. The good news is that she is going to be a mother soon which is again a task where immense amount of maturity is required.