Rejecting divorce settlement may lead to further asset loss

Divorce Settlement
Divorce Settlement

Divorce settlement is an amount which is being paid to the ex-spouse against a responsibility which the partner should have met if he would have been into the relationship. This is also observed as maintenance cost which is given to the spouse who is not earning and it is mostly the wife.

Generally, the court asks for a lot of documents to prove that the claimer is not able to run herself after which the court proceeds legally and rightfully asks the partner who is in a better economic position to pay an amount.

This settlement is proportional to the income of the donor and also proportional to the requirement of recipient.

The recipient tries her level best to extract the maximum amount, the idea might always not be to earn money but there could be good intentions behind this act as well. The recipient might have children to look after but has no means to earn money. Hence with the help of an attorney, people try to get as much as possible.

Sometimes, the recipient is not happy and satisfied with the money she gets. Especially this is observed in case so celebrities when they are seen to be fighting over this issue more than ensuring a smooth divorce. People hire best possible lawyers to get as much as they can.

There are cases when people file a lawsuit against the settlement which is judged by the court. An appeal against the judgement of the court is made when there is an extreme sense of dissatisfaction against the “alimony received”.

There is a case where the court had heard a pair with an asset of 19 million in 2008. The man tried to negotiate the case by offering more than $4 million and 3 properties to the wife, which was refused by her. She filed a case against this with a hope of gaining more.

However, when the case was introspected, most of the man’s properties were to be running at a loss. Hence the court’ verdict was in support of the man and he was supposed to keep most of the property. The woman received an amount less than $4 million which was lesser than what she was offered in the beginning. She also had to bear the expenditure of legal proceedings and other cost which were needed to meet the proceedings for four good years.

Hence, this case can be taken as an example and people should think twice before filing a case against any “divorce settlement.”