Repair yourself from a break up! Avoid delaying it!

Repairing after break up
Repairing after break up
Repairing after break up

When you dissolve a relationship you find it difficult to come out of it even though you are physically out of it. The subconscious of your mind is still submerged into the past relationship. But the more you take to move out of it the more you will be creating disturbance for yourself.

Why should you come out when you come out?

There are different layers of memory in the brain. The new ones will come and be a part of your memory only when you leave out the old ones and create space. It is as good as the “hard disk” of the computer memory, if you have to process faster than you need to delete some of the old data else, there will be sluggishness in the processing. The same concept is applied with your own life too. More you take time to come out of a relationship which is not there anymore for you, more you will move away from settling down in future.

Can there be a positive side of a break up?

Yes there can be, some of them are mentioned below:

  • You can explore more of your life by meeting a new person or people.
  • You can realize your shortcomings and work upon them so that you don’t repeat the same mistakes in life.
  • You can ease out for some time and actually devote time for yourself which probably you never could before.
  • You can observe it as an opportunity to do something that you could not do all this while.
  • You may also start realizing the good aspects of your partner and may developing for the same person once again.
  • You may be able to forgive yourself and even your partner with passage of time which might not have been possible when you were there in the relationship.

How can one come out of a break up?

  • Start meditating and visualizing that the person is out of your life and you have forgotten everything in the past. This will help you to look forward in life otherwise you will keep getting entangled in the past.
  • Start diverting your mind. You can either start meeting old people again, or can develop new friendship or can take up a course in a subject that interest you.
  • Give yourself time to quiet up from within but not for becoming quiet forever.
  • Avoid discussing the past either with yourself or with anyone else.
  • Consult a therapist who can give you a patient listening and can guide you through the future.
  • Try rekindling your hope for life once again and don’t give up thinking that everything is over with termination of one relationship.

Breaking up is never an easy task. It can take a lot of mental effort to get rid of the memories, the past and the person. However, with sincere efforts one can always overcome the pain and agony and can move ahead in life.