Should Couples give a Second Thought to Divorce for their Children?


staying together  for kidsIs it required for married couples to stay together for the welfare of their kids though they do not get along well? This is a vital issue particularly when one of them considers that divorce is the best option for them but the other does not think so for the interests of the children.

Divorce is a crucial issue:

The issue of divorce in those cases where children are involved is one of the most difficult one to decide for any person.  Divorce gives stress to the life of every person, his or her family members, friends and kids.

Effects of divorce on children:

Divorce brings out the worst in people.  It affects their feelings and emotions. They fail to do the best for the children while passing through the phase of divorce. The children are the worst sufferers in a divorce.

The behaviors the kids watch at home decide how they will behave in the near future. They learn from the conflicts in a relationship.  These messages take root in their minds and they often repeat the same patterns they have witnessed at their home.

Unhappy parents especially when the marriage is destructive tend to raise unhappy kids.  Kids staying in chaotic or unhealthy atmosphere adopt bad habits, and they suffer in the long run due to the divorce of their parents.

Why should couples give a second thought to divorce?

Couples should try their level best to work on their issues and should repair their marriages before going for a divorce.  They can either go for counseling or read books or have a talk with friends and relatives.

When a marriage is happy and the parents are going on well, it is always the best option for the kids. Living together is always better for children than a break up. Unhappy parents who are involved in unhealthy relationship can do harm to their kids.

Residing with each other just for keeping the family intact is an important decision. Even if a couple is not happy while they are staying together, if they can stay calm without exposing their disagreements before their kids, is always a better option than divorce.

Should parents ignore their own feelings? 
Though happiness as a parent should not interfere with the welfare of their kids, but that is not always possible. One may not find his or her partner interesting or attractive. But he or she should give proper time and attention to the issue before making a decision to go for a divorce as it has adverse effects on the children.