Should Divorce be the “peacemaker” or “peace breaker” phenomenon?

Divorce-peacemaker or peace breaker

Well, the matter of debate is whether the most painful phenomenon of life “divorce” should be made easier or even tougher than the existing proceedings.

The answer lies in the debate itself and not in the conclusion. There are divorce cases which take pretty long to get finalized hence, yielding a lot of pain to the petitioner. On the other hand if the process is made easier, there would be many who would take undue advantage of the leniency.

Arguments for making the process simpler

  • When you will move to a court and study the history of “divorce cases”, you will be scared to see the number of years; cases have taken to get settled.

Yes, there are cases which have never got resolved and if have, it has taken them quite a    considerable number of years to reach a final conclusion.

  • In the meantime, the petitioner loses the vital years of life, wherein he or she could have settled down again with a new beginning in life. They could have utilized the resources for a better future which they got devoid of due to prolonged proceedings.
  • There are cases when a husband goes on beating his wife or a wife goes on misusing the husband for her own materialistic benefits, yet they can’t get rid of such an evil relationship. And this is only because they are scared of undergoing the “hard legal proceedings” which may demand evidences to prove their spouse’s ill acts.

Hence, if the process is made simpler than many who have been suffering from a “rotten marriage” will at least get a sigh of relief.

Arguments for making the process as tough as possible

  • There could be cases when someone marries the person only in the want of thick fat alumni at the end of the marriage.
  • There could be another set of people who do not value marital relationship and keeps changing the spouse as soon as possible.
  • There could be some other who might have got married to their present spouse only in the want of some materialistic benefit like to meet up a clause in a “Will”. As soon as the cause is met, the person wants to get rid of the spouse.
  • There are some who want to divorce the partner because he is into another relationship and wants to get rid of the present responsibilities.

For all the above arguments, the divorce process should not be made easier as it would only increase social crime in the society.