Should you remain friends after divorce?



remain friendsRemaining just good friends after divorce is a tough job for any couple. But it is one of the healthiest trends in the present day society.

Maintaining an amicable relationship with your ex is a sign of maturity. It can be one of the best things that can happen to a person after a break up.

Being friends with your ex-partner is a proof that your relationship has not moved the distance that both of you both have moved on.

Reasons why people remain friends after they separate:

It is often found that couples remain close, when they do not find lasting love after a long time since   they got separated. When people have children and break up, they are still in a relationship and always will be there.

Grieving the loss of a relationship is a long process. A normal reaction is anger. It is very painful too. But if one can recover from that anger, he or she can continue to recognize that the situation is new at present and it is better to move on. Once you understand that, you can act more positively.

Whatever might the reason for your divorce, it is always better to move on to become friends. The friendship will surely be better than continuing to blame each other for the rest of your life.

How to remain friends after a break up?

Breaking up is difficult but it is even harder to remain friends after the end of a relationship. The difficulty increases when it is a bad breakup. But there are ways by which you can do so.

1.       1. Give some time to yourself – If you had lot of fight and a break up since you cheated, your ex might hate you.  Do not hurry to get associated with your ex immediately once again. Whatever be the chance of becoming friends in the future, do not force your ex to accept you as a friend very soon.

2.        2. Allow your ex some time to spend alone – Do not call your partner every now and then. Your ex might feel irritated by your continuous approach. Give some time to your ex to calm down sufficiently.

3.     3.  Express your intentions – If you wish to stay friends, express your intention to your ex.  Remember your ex cannot read your mind. Take it seriously and make your contentions clear.

4.       4..Be honest –Be honest in your approach. If issues in your relationship were not properly addressed, do not try telling lies about the causes of your breakup.  Do not say something for which your ex will fail to trust you any further. Honesty is the best way out if you really want your ex as a friend for the rest of your life.