Signs of a bad relationship

Relationship in troubled waters

19th October: Are you dying to know whether your relationship is in a rough or bad state and is headed towards a break down sooner? Well, you need to know that there are some very typical signs that point out a bad relationship.

What are some common tell-tale signs that indicate your relationship is headed for a disaster?

Relationship in troubled watersThere are some vital clues that point out a trouble in your relationship. Let’s see symptoms of a bad relationship.

Following are the common symptoms of a bad relationship

  • No time—Are you spending quality time with each other? That’s because a good relationship requires quality time spent with each other even though either or both of you may have work or other obligations. Couples who don’t bother to spend time with each other often head towards a bad relationship.
  • Dominating—Is your man dominating? Beware! For dominance in a relationship can spell disaster. A relationship is based on the pillars of equality and dominance in a relationship is bound to lead to frustrations.
  • Lack of communication—Lack of communication between partners is a sure sign of bad relationship. Remember, communication is the key to a healthy relationship. And it can do wonders to better your mutual relationships.
  • Cribbing—When either of the partners are cribbing or complaining about each other, the relationship is headed towards a failure sooner or later. Issues may be minor or pretty, but cribbing is a big no-no for having a healthy relationship.
  • Depressed or unhappy—If you feel unhappy or insecure in your relationship, you are in with a wrong person. Feelings of guilt, sadness or not being loved are signs of being in a bad relationship indicating you to move out of this relationship.
  • Annoying habits—If your habits are driving your partner or your spouse crazy and he does not want to see you around, then you need to analyze the situation since such signs are destructive in a relationship.
  • Lack of trust and respect—Lack of trust and faith by your partner indicates that your relationship has serious problems. Similarly, loss of respect for each other shows that something is bad in your relationship.
  • Violence—Many times, physical violence is used by a partner to control the other partner. Physical abuse by your partner affirms that you need to reconsider your relationship at the earliest.


  1. This is a good piece, nice and concise. For me, communication in a relationship has always been priority number one. I figure if you’re able to talk to your significant other and he/she to you, it would help with or help avoid all other relationship pitfalls.