Signs You need to Break Up with your Partner


23rd April: Do you want to know the signs that show you need to break up with your partner?

If yes, then here we are going to discuss these signs in detail.

Signs Telling Time for a Break UpHere are some signs that you need to break up with your partner in a relationship—

<blockquote> Signs showing that your relationship is heading for a break up.</blockquote>

  • Your partner does not respect you—Does your partner respect you? No? Then its probably the time you say goodbye to this relationship. If one person in the relationship lacks required respect for the other one, then you must end the relationship.
  • You feel safe being in a relationship—Is it true that you are in a relationship only because you feel safe? If the only cause of you being in a relationship is that you feel scary alone, then its time to bid farewell to such a relationship.
  • Elastic band relationship—Have you broken up and got back together a couple of times? Yes? Then its certain that your relationship will not work even now.
  • Your partner puts you down—Does your partner puts you down quite often? Remember, a relationship can only survive and thrive if both the partners love and care for each other. So, it’s like playing as a team together, and not putting your partner down or vice versa.
  • No open communication—You must have a deeper level communication if you want to make your relationship a special one. If you don’t have any open communication with your partner, then your relationship is heading towards a split.
  • Not disclosing—Do you or your partner not disclosing or sharing personal issues? It could be past conflicts, romantic relationships or childhood issues. It is a sure indication that your relationship is going to end sooner or later.
  • You find excuses to spend time apart—Do you find excuses to spend your time apart as if you are busy? It’s a sure sign that your relationship is not a healthy relationship. A healthy relationship is the one where both the partners find time to be with each other.
  • Your sex life is unsatisfying—Is your sex life nonexistent or unsatisfying? Remember, sex can either make or break any relationship. For sure, good sexual chemistry can lead of romance and intimacy between both the partners. An unsatisfactory sex life can lead to resentment and frustration.
  • Different goals—You or your partner’s goals and values are too different? Are they unbridgeable? If that’s so, then it is an indication that your relationship will end soon.