Stay precautious while applying for divorce


Most of the permanent residents of Canada are ones who came in through spousal sponsorship. In order to apply for this, it is mandatory that you will have to live with your sponsor for about 2 years minimum and you must have no children in common, at the time of applying. Yet, there have been several fake marriage cases found, due to improper immigration papers. To bring all this to an end, the Canada embassy has brought forward several rules to make the process stricter and better.


Spousal sponsorship

As we know, spousal sponsorship is one such scheme that helps one get a permanent status card in Canada, upon fulfilling the requirements and eligibility criteria. This criterion has also made it easier for citizens of other countries who do not have proper immigration papers, to present fake marriage papers and get permanent status card. This is how it is done:

  • They get into an understanding with a Canada citizen and indulge in fake marriage, thereby submitting fake documents with the acceptance of the Canada citizen.
  • Cheat a Canada citizen by pretending to fall in love, and walk away after getting the permanent status card.

These are just not the only issues concerning to marriage failure reports, but the number of divorces is also growing higher in rate. Let us take a look at the reason:

Sponsoring no more

A survey by a popular bank in Canada found that most of the divorce cases have occurred due to rifts on monetary issues. This is a frequently encountered problem among couples, going to the extent of breaking apart. With the increasing cost of living, the need for money is increasing, thereby creating issues of ego and misunderstandings among couples. It is post the completion of spousal sponsorship period that most of the trouble arises, where the spouse becomes unwilling to share money anymore.

How to deal with it:

A divorce may sometimes be heart-breaking or shocking, but do not resort into taking immediate decisions. Financial situations may differ, and sometimes, impulsive decisions may leave you under tight financial conditions. In case, there are debts to be settled, and you apply for divorce immediately, then the burden might sometimes fall on you, making your situation even worse. Hence, before taking your own decision, it is advisable to consult an immigration lawyer, who will settle the issue amicably, putting all the issues in writing, and creating proofs.

But, you must also think twice before going for a divorce. The cost of living in Canada is too high, and the immigration lawyers charge literally a fortune, extracting most of your money. Therefore, it is advised to seek the right legal guide to settle all the issues, resulting in loss for none.