Steps to Raise your Child’s Emotional Intelligence


26th April: Do you want to know how to increase your child’s emotional intelligence?

If yes, then here we are going to discuss different ways of doing so.

EQ or emotional intelligence is defined as the ability of identification, assessment and control of one’s(others and group’s) emotions.

Ways to Increase Your Child's Emotional IntelligenceSteps to increase your child’s EQ(Emotional Intelligence)—Remember, parents or adult caregivers have a significant and a direct role in building the children’s EQ. This can be done by following—

  • Coach your child to realize whenever he is stressed—Whenever your child feels stressed, you can reduce his or her stress. This can be done by making the child recognize what stress feels like. You can share your feelings about how your body feels like when you are stressed. Then you can ask your child what goes on for him or her. You can always ask your child or children the such questions like—do you feel your body stressed? Are your muscles tight? Do you feel your hands clenched? Then teach your children how having awareness about your physical response to their stress can help them regulate it.
  • Acknowledge your child’s perspective, empathize with him/her—You must at least empathize with your child if you can do nothing about his or her upsets. Yes, that’s true. Remember, being understood by a close one aids in letting go of bad emotions. Being empathetic does not mean that you agree. It gives a great feeling of being acknowledged.
  • Teach problem solving—If your child comes to you crying to tell that he or she is feeling bad or angry, then you can use it to show him or how to deal with the situation. You must praise your child for not shouting at his or her brother(or sister). Thank him or her.
  • Play it out—Whenever you see any negative pattern, recognize that there are some big feelings that your child does not know how to handle. Play is the best medicine. Our children may experience big feelings. In such a scenario, they may feel powerless and sad or frightened/jealous. Kids who are emotionally healthy can process such feelings with play. Help your child play out big inner problems and resolve them. Remember, laughter releases all stress hormones and is more fun.
  • Lead by example—manage your feelings—Want to raise your child’s EQ? Manage your own feelings first. Get your temper in control. Communicate about your feelings and discuss about the consequences. In this manner, your child will also learn to deal with similar situations in the future.