Stuck in a Bad Marriage – can’t help?


Symptoms of a good marriage:
A good marriage is one in which you find friendship, love, care, emotion, respect, liberty, sympathy, affection. A good marriage is one which gives you happiness and gives you the feeling of fulfillment.

Symptoms of a bad marriage:
When one or more of these ingredients are missing between couples, it is regarded as a bad marriage. Under such circumstances we can say that the marriage is not working.
You feel stuck in a bad marriage when it seems to you that there is no way to get out of it. You are frustrated and depressed thinking that you are trapped.

Reasons of feeling stuck in a bad marriage:
When neither parties know what they desire the marriage seems to be not working properly. There are so many married people who feel stuck in a bad marriage and still they have nothing to do. But they have no way to get out of the marriage. They search for happiness and peace but fail to find it. They are compelled to stay in that impossible situation.

Getting out of such a marriage is indeed a big event .When such major changes in life occur; it is not so easy to follow methods leading you to true happiness. It is difficult to get ready to make a radical change in your life. Taking a bold attempt is not an easy task. It involves many issues. It is often found that couples stay in a bad marriage primarily for the welfare of their children.
It is often found that a party wants a divorce from his or her spouse, but that seems to be impossible. They know that their life is pathetic, but they have no alternate left.

Ways of getting out of such a marriage:

1. Don’t notice what your spouse does wrong – Ignore things which your spouse does wrong.
2. Change your communication strategies – keep on communicating with your spouse even if you notice that it is not working.
3. Try to understand your spouse – Many times what we do is ignore the feelings of our partner. This should be avoided at the very beginning. A little bit of understanding can drive you a long way.
4. Do not expect more than your spouse is able of giving – Always try to confine yourself in what your spouse can provide you with ease.