Surviving marital rape in troubled marriage

Victim of Marital Rape
Victim of Marital Rape

There are marital relationships which are not as smooth as many others. The roughness in such relationships goes beyond the limits of human rights and events happen in the course which keeps haunting for years.

There are many cases where one spouse is abused to the extent that, the beauty of “love making” goes out of the window and the only thing which prevails the relationship is “abuse, torture and marital rape.”

Merely because one is forced by his or her spouse to get intimate does not bar it from getting termed as “marital rape.”

Any physical intimacy which is established forcefully and against the wish of any of the two people involved in it is a crime, a social one.

One who is victimized of such a horrifying experience has to live lie even after things get over, because lie is a long tale.

There could be a certain tips which may help a person get over the trauma of such a painful experience:

Forgive your ex-spouse

After you have come out of it and trying to begin a new era of your life, try and forgive your ex-partner. This is not only for him but for you. Such an effort will ease things for you and make you start a new chapter without keeping any grudges for anyone in the past.

Consult a counselor

It is always advisable that you consult a counselor and take advice. In fact, such a step would help you vent out your emotions and pain, making you a more relaxed person who is light from within.

Think positive

Never let your positivity goes off, merely due to a bad patch of life. Always understand that it was your past which doesn’t exist anymore. You can still live a life which will give you a lot of beautiful things. Hope and work out good things for yourself.

Divert yourself

Get yourself occupied into some profession or passions which will awls divert your attention from the past. Keep busy with constructive thoughts and ideas so that, you don’t get time to think about your pain in the past.

Life has many phases, some of them are good and some are quite painful. On experiencing various flavours of life you may become more mature a sensitive towards the needs of others. So, revive yourself for a brighter future because life should not be wasted in mourning for things which are never to be recalled and remembered.