The hint that your marriage is likely to break up

Signs of a disturbed Marriage
Signs of a disturbed Marriage

When you start staying with a person and get used to him, you actually start miss reading the message which is loud and clear to the world.However, there are a few ways to understand that your marital bond is suffering from the risk of getting broken down in near future:

Do you have an Irregular and unhealthy intimate life

If you have experienced that the rate of personal and physical intimacy has gone down in the past few months or weeks and there is no pronounced reason for the same, then you need to get the hint of a shaky relationship.

Have you caught infidelity of your spouse?

If yes, then you can be sure enough that it would be hard to trust him or her all over again, unless your spouse truly admits and rectifies his or her mistake. But, the doubt will always remain in your heart for quite some time.

Do you avoid organizing personal dinners?

If you are, then actually you are avoiding spending time together in private, because you do not enjoy each other’s company any more. In fact you look for reasons for not coming on the same platform together.

Are you married for the second time?

Unfortunately, the trailing memories and experiences of the first marriage do not allow you to live in peace with the second person in life. Ultimately, it has been observed that your marriage starts rocking.

Were your parent’s divorcee?

This has a direct impact on your marriage, when parents live a complete marital life; they leave a very strong message to the children. They make them understand the importance and beauty of being together as a couple for years and years. This is what you imbibe; if the case is reversed you are affected by the unpleasant experiences of your parents’ divorce, in turn affecting your own marriage.

Are you criticizing or ebbing criticized?

In both the cases, you look for ways to find faults with your spouse making things unpleasant for yourself and for the other person too. This is another sign that you don’t want to stay with your partner any more.

It is very important that you understand the hint of a turbulent marriage as early as possible so that you can set the currents right. This is important to save a relationship which when kept intact, brings happiness to many and when broken may cause pain to yet more people.