The Marriage of Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert in trouble

Blake and Miranda
Blake and Miranda

The famous couple Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert is catching media attention for their marriage getting into a “disturbed mode”.

The two year old marital cord seems to be shaking up now, though there are denials from the couple’s end.

The report reveals the news and has been taking a close look at the developing affairs in the marriage.

The happy couple gets equated with “two ships passing in the night”. There are reports that the couple stays together for only a period of 50 days in a year and this is the time when they’re not traveling or working.

The reporters also find it to be a weird way of running a marital relationship.

The assurances from Miranda

Miranda Lambert assures that she would keep her marital cord intact. She bears all the passcodes and passwords of Blake and is heard of taking keen interest in his direct messages on twitter. She informs that she trusts her partner completely.

She is committed to support Blake in the time of crisis and to defend him in the media world.

The cause of the problem

Blake pooled in Sheryl Crow as a “guest celebrity mentor” on “The Voice”. Since then, Sheryl has been heard of calling up lake quite frequently and also sending him text messages. Miranda is not quite happy to see this connection between the two.

Miranda though, was made the offering to be the guest mentor on the channel but she refused the offer due to her prescheduled occupancy.

The disturbance in the marriage

The above mentioned happening has caused a great deal of problems between the couple. There is news of “fights” between them.

The couple is rarely together in the last two years. Moreover, Blake has past and here is every possibility that it might get repeated again.

Blake and Miranda meet up for a few days and move apart for their own work for weeks. Under the given circumstances, there is every possibility that a “new person” gets an entry into Blake’s life.

The possible future

Only if the couple ensures that their marriage tops their priority list and instead of being “visitors” to each other they actually spend more and more time together, can they save the marriage from many disturbances coming their way.

Blake is known for his “flirt’ and this is what can be a cause of worry for Miranda. Unless efforts are made from both of them, the couple may be heading for a divorce in future.

Celerity world is always under scanner by the reporters. And many of times, the reason comes from them only. Here too, Miranda and Blake have to make sincere efforts to make the marriage survive. So far as media world is concerned, all they need to do is to wait and watch for the next move coming from the couple. Therefore, time only can give an answer on the future of their relationship.