The split between Penn Badgley and Zoe Kravitz

Penn and Kravitz break up
Penn and Kravitz break up
Penn and Kravitz break up

There is news published in US Weekly that Penn and Zoe who have split up after two years of their association. The couple supposedly broke their relationship due to the conflict in their careers and the hectic schedules of filming which did not allow them to spend time together.

The past of their relationship

The couple has been sharing a bond for the last two years and they share an apartment in New York. Now there is big news for everyone that the couple has broken up the relationship.

A reliable source informs that, “It is all good between the two and it was not a sad break up. The relationship did not work out and they ended the same on good terms.”

Yet another spruce informs that the two are on two different ends of the careers and have no time for each other at all.

A close source also says that now they want to concentrate on their careers.

The source also informs that the couple is handling the break up quite maturely and they are not making things too loud or dirty.

Penn is heard of sharing a bond with Blake for almost three years while they shot for hit US TV show Gossip Girl in the past.  Zoe was also supposed to have a relationship with a high profile person.

The career of Penn

Penn is aiming at a successful career in movies. He portrayed the role of Jeff Buckley in Greetings from Tim Buckley and he earned great acclaims for the same. His portrayal of tragic musician was appreciated quite largely.  He has recently finished his work on “Parts per Billion”. This is a romantic drama wherein the co-stars are Rosario Dawson, Josh Hartnett and Teresa Palmer. The movie is likely to get released in 2014. He has certainly been famous for working in “Gossip Girl”.

The career of Kravitz

Kravitz is also enjoying a great career and nest she would be seen in Mad Max: Fury Road. She also informs that she is looking forward to a partner who would be “fun loving” and “full of humour”.

She says, “You’ve got to laugh at other people and even at yourself.” She feels that creativity is most important and is a source of quite adventure too.

The new associations

Penn is heard of dating Blake, his co-star. “After Earth “actress,  Kravitz is also likely to look for a new relationship.

Celebrity world is quiet famous for “associations and break ups”. Both are most of the times quite loud and especially the break ups are handled quite immaturely. They catch too much of media attention. In this case, things seem to be working out with a “silent node”. The two in the relationship are not making too much of a noise about their break up and seem to be taking this decision so that they can concentrate on their respective careers. The sources also have confirmed the same.