Things that scare a woman of divorce

Woman scared of divorce
Woman scared of divorce

Getting a divorce is the last thing a woman would want. In fact, this is the reason why in most the failed marriages a woman keep on dragging the relationship even if she is mentally separated from her house.

We will take a quick look at the reasons making a woman feel scared of the getting divorced.

Financial Crunch

In a large number of marriages, the household expenditure is met by the man and woman hugely depends upon him even for meeting the basic survival needs. In the absence of this support she does not know which way to go. She starts dreading a day when she might have to struggle to get a meal for her and even the kids.

Patriarchal Society

The society is still a male dominated one to a large extent. A woman who has grown up in the shade of her father has always been taught to follow her husband. Now when she thinks of coming out of the relationship, she feels scared.

Decision making

After one enters into a marriage which is the kind where most of the decisions are made by the male partner and the driving part is also looked into by him, it is obvious for a woman to feel scared. Now that she thinks of wearing her thinking cap and become the driver of her life, she has no option but to sit back and feel scared of the consequences.

Dependent attitude

Some women are always dependent upon a male counterpart, she feels confident and comfortable in a male’s company who is none other than her husband. In the absence of this character that has been moulding her for some time now, she feels loses confidence to live her life alone and of course lands up being a scared spirit.

Worried about children

When a marriage is blessed with children then, the woman also thinks about the future of her children. Even if she gets money from the ex-spouse, she is worried about bringing them up all alone and there is no reason for her not to feel scared.

In spite of a revolution in the women world, there are still quite a lot of them who feel incomplete without a man’s presence in their lives. To feel confident she needs a man around in her life either in the form of father, husband or son.